Lipstick on Your Collar [Closed RP with scarletxkeys]



A gently moan escaped the blonds lips as the kiss was deepened and his hair was pulled. Never breaking the kiss he fell back, pulling the short brunet down with him on the bed. Ignoring all his thoughts about Riku and what this actually was he really enjoyed it. This time it was his concious decision and he wanted to enjoy it. Tongues danced together as they laid there and Roxas didnt want this moment to end. 

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Lipstick on Your Collar [Closed RP with scarletxkeys]


Roxas’ face flushed red as he wrapped his arms around the shorter boys waist. “Yeah I suppose so huh..” He giggled, it was meant to lighten the situation but came out awkward. There was an awkward silence. To break it Roxas put his lips on the others, kissing him softly. He could never get enough of doing this. Even the smallest, softest kisses with the brunet made him feel happier then he had been in a long time. 

Sora hummed against Roxas’ lips and gently raked his fingers through the other boy’s flaxen spikes. He slowly deepened the kiss, tilting his head to gain better access. His chest warmed with a newly stoked excitement. He wasn’t entirely sure what it stemmed from—possibly the knowledge that he was doing something against his moral code, even if it felt natural, or maybe it came from the thought that he was going to be sober and that this time it was his conscious decision to move forward with it. He wasn’t sure and he didn’t really care.


You know what? Screw it; from here on out I have no sexuality. None of this straight/gay/bi/pan crap. I don’t care if you’re a man, a woman or a vegetable, if you’re hot, I’d fuckin tap that. End of story.

Lipstick on Your Collar [Closed RP with scarletxkeys]



Roxas couldnt help but smirk at what the other meant by that. “Sure” he said softly in the others ear before getting up off him. He held his hand out for Sora to grab. He suddenly felt extremely nervous. 

Sora’s heart pounded relentlessly in his chest as he took the hand extended to him. He didn’t let go of Roxas’ hand as he led him to his room. The dark space was a bit intimidating now that he was there. He only hesitated a moment before pulling the blond into the room and sitting him down on the foot of the bed. "This will probably be a lot more comfortable than the floor… and infinitely more comfortable than the balcony." Sora whispered the last part. He flushed a dark shade of red, but hoped that in the low light, Roxas wouldn’t notice. He didn’t bother closing the door before he climbed onto the other boy’s lap and draped his arms over his shoulders. He liked the hallway light—after all, he didn’t want his last night with the blond to be consumed in shadow. 

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19. A date

"A date? Where do you want me to take you Sora?" He asked with an slightly blushing face. 

Sora shrugged, the reddening hue in his cheeks betraying his blasé gesture. "I mean, y’know, nowhere special. Maybe just the beach at sunset. It’s always so pretty then." He fidgeted, twiddling his thumbs nervously and letting a small smile cross his face. 

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Lipstick on Your Collar [Closed RP with scarletxkeys]



Roxas kissed him more, deepening the kiss. Tongues playing together gently, unlike the last time. He liked this more. It was sweet and felt like it had more to do with love then desire and lust. He pulled away, kissing along the others chin and down his neck. He stopped suddenly and rested his head in the others collar, humming with delight and holding the other tightly. “I like this..” he said softly. 

Sora sighed contentedly, combing his fingers through Roxas’ hair tenderly. "Me too." he almost whispered. "H-hey, do you wanna maybe move someplace more comfortable?" he felt his cheeks heat up as a noticeable blush spread to the tips of his ears. 

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